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Lycanroc-Dusk, A Competitive Pokemon Guide

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Lycanroc Dusk Form can be a strong Flex pick or Physical Sweeper depending on the game state! If you want to play this incredibly strong Pokemon, our guide will help you understand what the best EVs, Nature, and Movesets!

Build in Action! 

Why Play Lycanroc-Dusk?

Lycanroc-Dusk form makes players wonder why it fell into Smogon’s UU tier- it is most likely because it has paper defenses and can easily be taken out by Landorus-Therian form and Rillaboom, who are very much common Pokemon in a competitive scene. However, this shouldn’t discourage anyone from determining if Lycanroc-Dusk can be utilized competitively; it does come with utilities that cover many types, as well as protect itself and its team from a sweeper’s common weakness: priority attacks. It should also be noted that Lycanroc-Dusk form has a decent speed stat and makes for a very good suicide lead to set up entry hazards and bust in some skulls before biting the dust!  While not as effective as Excadrill, it still gets the job done and is still a Pokemon that should not be scoffed at and written off.

Best Competitive Build

Effort Values

  • 252 Attack
  • 252 Speed
  • 4 HP

(Jolly Nature)

Swords Dance

Raises the user's Attack by 2 stages.

Stone Edge

Has a higher chance for a critical hit.


Has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1 stage.

Close Combat

Lowers the user's Defense and Special Defense by 1 stage.

Main Moveset

As an offensive sweeper sporting weak defensive stats, Lycanroc-Dusk would benefit from shield support (Reflect/Light Screen/Aurora Veil) from its team to allow it to withstand an attack or two so it can set up. Being that it’s mono rock, it has very common weaknesses in the competitive scene, which is understandable that its use is limited- but a grassy terrain user on the team can assist Lycanroc because it halves ground type moves, which Lycanroc-Dusk is weak to. 

Swords Dance gives a nice +2 to Lycanroc-Dusk’s attack and allows it to get past a fair amount of bulky Pokemon in the meta once it goes dynamax. However, be weary of super bulky tanks like Celesteela, Skarmory, Corviknight, and Landorus-Therian. 

Stone Edge provides a great STAB attack for Lycanroc-Dusk but if that accuracy is discouraging you, then go with Rock Slide. 

Crunch provides decent neutral coverage against many Pokemon on the type table and provides a great super effective move against those steel/psychic and steel/ghost Pokemon. It is also powered up by Lycanroc-Dusk’s ability: Tough Claws (moves that make contact are increased by 30%). It is also worth noting that Lycanroc-Dusk learns Psychic Fangs, which is not only powered by Tough Claws, but gives nice utility by destroying enemy shields and providing psychic terrain in dynamax form to protect Lycanroc-Dusk and the team from priority attacks. 

Close Combat also gets powered up by Tough Claws and gives a very nice attack power buff with your dynamax Lycanroc-Dusk to gain a power advantage on your opponent. Other moves to consider are: Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Drill Run, Iron Head, and Play Rough.

Held Items

A great held item is a Weakness Policy. I mentioned that bulky Pokemon, like Landorus-Therian or Corviknight, are still capable of flexing at Lycanroc-Dusk, even after a Swords Dance, but with shields up, they can push Lycanroc-Dusk further ahead once Weakness Policy wears off. This item turns Lycanroc-Dusk into a very formidable sweeper that can plow through any wall trying to flex at it.

Weakness Policy

If holder is hit super effectively, raises Attack, Sp. Atk by 2 stages. Single use.

Tips and Tricks

Entry hazards are appreciated by Lycanroc-Dusk as to prevent focus sash users from coming in and stopping its momentum. Sticky Web is also beneficial as Lycanroc-Dusk does not have the best speed. Plenty of faster Pokemon can come in and revenge kill it, so lowering your opponents speed is a solid strategy. If you do not have Psychic Fangs on your Lycanroc-Dusk, then be weary of Pokemon with priority moves coming in against it. Sadly, Rillaboom is the exception to this rule as it comes in and sets grassy terrain on the battlefield. The best defense against Rillaboom is to try to take it out ahead of Lycanroc-Dusk coming in to set up or to clear through your opponent’s team as fast as possible with shields up so that Lycanroc-Dusk can take the oncoming grassy glide.


In conclusion, Lycanroc-Dusk is great physical sweeper with strong flex potential. Having great clear for entry hazards and options like weakness policy with screens to become a strong sweeper. If you have any other recommendations for items and moves then please engage in the comment section below! We love to see unique builds and strategies!

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