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Charizard “The Belly Drum King” a Competitive Pokemon Guide

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Charizard is a powerful Physical Sweeper Pokemon with moves like Belly Drum they become a force to be reckoned with. If you want to play this incredibly strong Pokemon, our guide will help you understand what the best EVs, Nature, and Movesets! WE NOW PRESENT THE BELLY DRUM KING!

The Build in Action!

Why play Charizard?

Despite losing its mega evolutions in Sword and Shield, Charizard was blessed with a gigantimax form to play around with. While this is not a mega evolution that gave Charizard a leg up in the competitive scene, it does not completely render Charizard completely useless. Its stats are decent at its base form and its move library is something to gloat about. Additionally, with the introduction of Heavy-Duty Boots, Charizard can now run around a bit more without having to worry about taking damage from those pesky stones.

Best Competitive Build

Effort Values

  • 252 Attack
  • 252 Speed
  • 4 HP

(Jolly Nature)

Belly Drum

Raises the user's Attack by 12 stages in exchange for the user losing 1/2 of its maximum HP, rounded down. Fails if the user would faint or if its Attack stat stage is 6.

Flare Blitz

Has a 10% chance to burn the target. If the target lost HP, the user takes recoil damage equal to 33% the HP lost by the target, rounded half up, but not less than 1 HP.

Dual Wingbeat

Hits twice. If the first hit breaks the target's substitute, it will take damage for the second hit.


Damage doubles if the target is using Dig.

Main Moveset

Belly Drum maximizes Charizard’s attack stat and ensures that almost any Pokemon it hits will be knocked out. Flare Blitz is extremely amazing STAB for Charizard and hits hard as well but be weary of the recoil damage from it. Try not to use Flare Blitz often to ensure Charizard stays on the field for as long as possible. Dual Wingbeat gives Charizard a nice speed boost once he goes gigantimax and allows it to outspeed a fair amount of the competitive meta unless certain Pokemon like Tapu Koko or Dragapult are sporting Choice Scarfs. Earthquake in the moveset allows Charizard to not be completely walled by the likes of Toxapex. However, if you get a Belly Drum off Dual Wingbeat/Max Airstream, this move can be played around with, given the type coverage your team is needing.

Other Move Options

  • Outrage- The user spends two or three turns locked into this move and becomes confused immediately after its move on the last turn of the effect if it is not already. This move targets an opposing Pokemon at random on each turn. If the user is prevented from moving, is asleep at the beginning of a turn, or the attack is not successful against the target on the first turn of the effect or the second turn of a three-turn effect, the effect ends without causing confusion. If this move is called by Sleep Talk and the user is asleep, the move is used for one turn and does not confuse the user.
  • Crunch-Has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1 stage.
  • Rock Slide- THas a 30% chance to make the target flinch.
  • Shadow Claw-Has a higher chance for a critical hit.
  • Steel Wing- Has a 10% chance to raise the user's Defense by 1 stage.

Held Items

For Charizard’s held item, there are only two routes to really go with this build and one of those is Heavy-Duty Boots. This protects Charizard from entry hazards (an example is if your opponent sets up Stealth Rocks, this will put Charizard immediately at 50% health if it is not wearing boots). However, my testing has shown that while this is very convenient, it leaves Charizard open to get knocked out and have Belly Drum fail due to low health, even with shields up- I have had much more success having Charizard hold a Sitrus Berry to restore its health after Belly Drum goes off.

Heavy-Duty Boots

When switching in, the holder is unaffected by hazards on its side of the field.

Sitrus Berry

Restores 1/4 max HP when at 1/2 max HP or less. Single use.

Tips and Tricks

Heavy team support is required for this particular build, such as shields (Reflect/Light Screen/Aurora Veil) and entry hazard support, to ensure Charizard will knock out the remaining Pokemon. Try to set up on a Pokemon that cannot hurt Charizard. If you go with a Sitrus Berry as a held item, then a Rapid Spinner or Defogger is necessary to clear the field of hazards so that Charizard can come in without having to worry about taking damage. A Pokemon with the ability Magic Bounce can greatly assist as well.


In conclusion, Charizard is a powerhouse of a physical sweeper with its extremely strong movesets and the option to G-Max. True the days of Megas are over leaving them not nearly as strong as the predecessors but that doesn't mean they are weak by any means! If you have any other recommendations for items and moves then please engage in the comment section below! We love to see unique builds and strategies!

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